About Trinity Martial Arts

 Trinity Martial Arts is a Christian Martial Arts School. It was established to provide a Christian environment where believers in Jesus Christ could train in the Martial Arts.  Our class is open to all who wish to train in this demanding style of karate. Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial Art, known for its’ highly effective self defense techniques, rigorous training, strong discipline, and dedication to self-improvement and high standards. Trinity Martial Arts is a member school of the “Traditional Tang Soo Do International” organization; known for its’ high standards of instruction and testing requirements.  Through training; students develop self-discipline, self confidence, physical fitness and stress management as well as solid self defense Skills. Each belt rank has specific standards and goals designed to help the student reach his/her full potential as individuals as well as martial artists. Each instructor is tested and certified to ensure the highest quality of instruction and authenticity of Tang Soo Do.

Training in the Martial Arts is fun, exciting and demanding. There are many  benefits that can be realized through training; so go on give it a try, start today, do something that’s good for your mind, your body and your spirit.

All That’s missing is you. 


 For More information about joining our class please check out our student information page.

TMA Updates

No Class April 29 and May 2. Rank Tests only

Contact TMA

Chief Instructor:     Chuck Hatch 5th Degree Black Belt

E-mail: Norman.Hatch@hughes.net

Phne: 601-573-5347